Welcome to Harmon Eye Clinic.

We are located at 131 North Henry Street in downtown Morristown, Tennessee just across from the Morristown post office



We are committed to providing high quality eye care for you as a unique individual. You and your eyes are one of a kind. At Dr. D. E. Harmon Eye Clinic we will always treat them that way.  Whatever your concern, we will determine the comprehensive eye care that is right for you.  We are dedicated to providing compassionate services to our patients for we genuinely do care for you.

We accept most insurance including: BlueCare, TennCare Select, BlueCross and BlueShield, VSP, Superior Vision, Vision Care, Spectera, NVA, EyeMed, Davis Vision, Medicare, Medicaid, and more.

Our Mission:

“It is our vision to improve your vision”


May is Healthy Vision Month

The American Optometric Association and Dr. Harmon make the following recommendations:

  • Get regular eye examinations from an eye care professional
  • Live a healthy lifestyle by maintaining a healthy weight, eating nutritious foods, abstaining from smoking and managing chronic conditions
  • Know your family history, because many eye diseases are hereditary
  • Use protective eyewear to prevent injuries on the job, while playing sports or doing simple chores around the home
  • Wear sunglasses to protect eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet rays